Updates to a Thing not reflected on frontend

I have a Thing being displayed on the frontend browser.

There’s some backend API workflow that eventually populates a field in that Thing.

The newly populated value shows up on the frontend for most users, but sometimes it just doesn’t (even though on the backend the value is already populated).

Any possible reasons why?

P.S. A user mentioned he’s on a company firewall, and asked if he needs to whitelist any protocol or sockets (are there any non-http protocols used?). Not sure about this, but it doesn’t sound like it.

Could there be a privacy rule that’s conflicting?

Thanks for reply!

No that’s not possible.
When he refreshes the page, the data shows.

It’s just not being reflected automatically on the frontend when the data changes.

The user tried 2 browsers - Brave and Edge - both with the same issue.

Ok, we’ll not all queries are live queries. So there’s that.

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