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Updating a Custom Type Field which is a list from API

Hi Guys,

I have a webhook trigger that comes from my CRM with a data payload. I am receiving the trigger in Integromat.

When the webhook fires, I want to create a new Referred Contact for the associated User (filtering happens to select the appropriate User in Integromat).

Here are the steps I am currently following:

  1. Accept data from Webhook in Integromat.
  2. Filter the data and route accordingly for the appropriate User.
  3. Each User has the Unique ID (from Bubble) manually coded into the Update a Thing Integromat function. This ensures we’re updating the correct User as routed in the step above.
  4. I then try and update the field Referred_Contacts using the JSON payload which is matched according the data type Referred_Contacts:

I keep getting a 400 Error: Invalid data for field Referred_Contacts: object with this id does not exist [object Object] / MISSING_DATA

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

list of contacts