Updating a list

Hello all I am attempting to add a list of bank accounts to a users account but I can’t figure out how to find the size of the list.

I know I need to use the count function but don’t know how to incorporate it? I assume this is something I will need to do a great deal so if anyone has any best practices Im all ears, thank you.


Just looking at the picture and to add a list you need to select the ‘add list’ option instead of the ‘add’ option currently selected. This will then add the list of accounts no matter what the length of the list is.

If you do this you shouldn’t need to find the size of the list using count and can take away the ‘:items until #’ above.

The one-based length (as you say, “size”) of any_list is just:


That is, if any_list has five elements, any_list:count returns 5. If any_list has no elements any_list:count returns 0.

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