Updating a plugin : "Pending review"

Hi plugin developers, just seeing this new feature where a plugin under review has a green text “Pending review” as shown below here.

What I want to know is does anyone have an experience on how long the review of an already published plugin takes (I submitted this particular one on Monday night).
I have published more than 10 plugins and have done updates more than hundred times but this is the first time I’m seeing that updating an already published plugin requires a review.

@emmanuel Is this a new process, that every plugin update requires a review?
Some updates sometimes are fixes to bugs so it will be great if we have some idea how long this review takes so we know what to tell our users.


From my experience, it seems that a major version update requires review. “Point releases” with either bug fixes or backward compatible improvements do not undergo review. It can take up to a week for review; and based on correspondence with Bubble support, I believe Thursdays are set aside for plug-in reviews.

Anyway, that’s just my observation based on my limited experience to date. :neutral_face:


@sudsy Thanks for the info. It helps a lot. All my other plugins except this one are free so doesn’t require a review.
The other updates i’ve made to this plugin have all been “point releases”.

I will wait and see if the Thursday thing holds.
Thanks again.

Hi @seanhoots, So basically How many days it takes Bubble to review plugins now ?

Last week a new plugin to be approved took 4-5 days as I recall and is typical timing. Best ever time has been 2 days. Worst ever was 2 weeks and I had to chase, but I think that was very exceptional.