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Updating fields in a list of things


I’m struggling to update a field in a list of things.

A have a thing called “Video Ad” and another thing called “Tasks”. Each Vide Ad has a “list of tasks”. Each task has a field called “Asset ID”.

I’m using’s API, in this case, the “create an asset” call. In a backend workflow, I want to schedule the call to run on a list of assets, and then take the Asset ID created from each and update each video ad’s task’s “Asset ID” field with it.

The first part works. I’m able to run the API on a list of uploaded assets, which then creates them within Works perfectly.

Where I’m having trouble is grabbing the Asset ID created for each asset and adding it to the task’s “asset id” field within the bubble database.

If I use a “make changes to a list of things” action it takes the first asset ID created and updates all the tasks with the same id, which I do not want. But the only other option seems to be to select either the first or last time from the task list, and I dont want that either.

Any advice would be really helpful.

Thank you