Updating in one table based on another

I have two tables say A and B

In A, I have a field called Members which is a list of users data type. The second table B has transactions related to the members.

I want that when I remove a member from table A (removing him from the list), all the transactions relating to this member in Table B should be marked Y in the Ismarked field.
The transaction are in rows and one of the fields does shows the member. I am unable to figure out how to corelate a user from a list in one table to rows in another table.


You should simply be able to filter the list of Transactions from table B by the User in question.

Or, if you have a list of transactions stored on the User data type, alternatively you should be able to use the ‘Intersect with’ operator to match transactions from the two lists.

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I may not completely understand your issue, but it does sound like you want to do something like the following:

If a Member is deleted, do the following:
-----for each row in Table B where Table B’s Member = deleted Member
----------set IsMarked = “Y”

If so, that sounds like the perfect use for a backend workflow loop.

Of course, I can be completely wrong.

Thanks a ton once again! You made my day. Your solutions always work.

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Yes that is what I am looking but Adam’s solution worked. See his reply to my query.

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