Updating Initial Content with Conditional Logic Causing Conflict

I’m updating the “Initial Content” field with a function that subtracts 0.02 from the value that is dynamically inserted into the Initial Content field when a certain value is found. Here’s an illustration of what I’m doing:

If gum = Spearmint
Then Initial Content = Max Minutes (12)

If gum = Cinnamon
Then Initial Content = Max Minutes - 2 (12 - 2)

This part works just fine. What I’m running into, however, is an issue that recalculated value when the -0.02 factored in is exceeding the Max value validation… even though the values are exactly the same. To illustrate the point…

If gum = Spearmint
Then Maximum Value = 12

If gum = Cinnamon
Then Maximum Value = 10

Here is the screenshot that includes the debug output highlighting the fact that the values are the same (ie - value does not exceed the Max value):

In the example pictured, the original “Max Commission %” was 0.12. The conditional logic fired to remove 0.02, which correctly reset the “Max Commission %” to 0.10. This is arises when I move the “Selected Commission %” to the newly set max. As you can see in the image above, the error state is activated (Selected Commission % > Maximum Commission %) and the form logic prevent submission. Seems like a bug, but maybe I’m overlooking something obvious?

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