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Updating listing


I’m currently trying to build in the functionality for users to edit the information on their listing. At present I have a summary popup which covers the core information for the listing and a button to edit the information further. (I’m using the Marketo template)

When I click on the button ‘edit listing’ it creates another popup called ‘edit’ and pulls the information from the summary popup and nothing else.

How do I get all the data on the specific listing in the database to be populated in the ‘edit’ popup? I have all the fields in it, but am unable to pull the relevant info from the database.

Hi, @mike2… when the second popup is shown, you need to use the Display data action (under Element Actions) in the workflow to show the appropriate data in the popup. Also, the Type of content on the popup itself needs to be set correctly (in your case, I’m guessing it’s something like Listing). At that point, you should be able to populate the Initial content of the input fields with the listing’s current information.

If you already have the first popup working (i.e., it is displaying the listing’s information correctly), you should be able to carry that same setup through to the second popup.

Hope this helps.