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Updating multiple deployed apps

This may be a feature already or I may be going about this in completely the wrong way. I’ve been playing around with Bubble for a couple of months now and I love everything about it. I have been working on a project and I am thinking about ways to manage this after launch. Ideally, it would be hosted on various domains as this would be most suitable for a client.

The issue I can see myself facing is that I will be managing multiple apps. If I want to do an update to all of them is there a way I can deploy from a master file. If I wanted to add a new page that is the same across all of the apps would I have to go into each one to make these changes? Obviously, the data held on each of these apps will independent to each of them, I know I could copy an app from an update and copy the database across into the new updated app.

Obviously managing this from a master app where any changes to it when deployed are replicated across all children of the parent app.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers guys!


From what you’re mentioning, this seems like it is best solved with Bubble’s sub apps feature. (It requires that you have one “parent” app as host to all of the “sub” applications. The parent app must be on a team plan, then each of the sub apps can be on it’s own paid plan).

If you drive your changes from the parent app, you deploy to the parent app (although it may effectively be your staging environment). Then, within your editor console on the sub apps tab, you can also push to all of your sub apps with one click. (Note: this will overwrite changes that you may in any child application).

A key consideration is what type of app your looking to build. (Ie. can it be multi-tenant, where several companies are sharing the same Bubble application but it appears as silos. Or is it set up as a series of sub apps, where each tenant is effectively its own island).

Hi Dan, Thanks for the response. I wasn’t aware that this is one of the features of Bubbles Team Plan. It may have to be something I look into. Whilst it would be possible to share the app with multiple companies, I would rather run these independently. This way I can set up subdomains for each of them to have their own independent application.

When it nears completion I will look at purchasing the team app for this. It’s just nice to know this feature is available.

Thanks again.


As you’re approaching that stage, feel free to reach out. It’s a pretty powerful aspect of the platform.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll probably have a couple more questions nearer to the time, I am hoping for completion around the end of May.

Hi Dan,

Following your suggestion, if I need a “staging” environment for end-user testing before the system goes live, is it possible to user this architecture: parent-dev (for development) parent-live (for staging) and child-live (for production)? Any pros and cons on that?

In my case I use paid plugins, so I understood that:

  1. I have to buy the paid plugins also for the child app.
  2. To do item 1, I have to upgrade the child-plan, so it is not on “hobby”

Is this understanding correct?


Hi @dan1 ,
This solution sounds great!
In my scenario I have a SaaS bubble app with multi tenant design. I have also been researching for a solution out here on how I can deviate slightly (with extra uis, white labeling, domain names and additional features) for some users if needed using a child app.
Can I deploy only the feature that I want specifically from parent app to child app?
Thanks in advance