Updating Plugins in Your Bubble App for 2024

Update 12/12: Homepage notifications are now live!

Update 12/7 6pm: We’re holding off on making changes to the homepage because we caught some issues in testing and we want to be sure that it’s stable before we deploy it. Changes in the editor are live!

Hi all, my name is Henry and I’m a Product Manager here at Bubble.

Starting soon, you may notice that some of your plugins show a warning in the plugins tab stating that they need an update. Others may be marked as “deprecated” (out-of-date) and could lose some functionality in 2024. Here’s a bit more about what’s going on and what you’ll need to do.

As you may know, Bubble has a robust ecosystem of plugin developers. We allow plugin developers to create, own, and market their tools to help you build out even more functionality and integrations with our platform.

On a technical level, plugin developers use code that interacts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create no-code solutions for various functions.

Starting in 2024, AWS plans to remove a specific function that some Bubble plugin authors use for specific server-side actions. About 10% of plugins are affected. We’ve given these plugins’ authors eight months of warning and lead time to update their plugins’ code syntax by January 2024.

Once a plugin is updated by the author, you’ll have until March 12, 2024 to update it on your end before it may begin to behave unexpectedly. So if you see a plugin with an “Update” label, it means you should press the update button to ensure that it continues functioning. If you see a “Deprecated” label, this means that the plugin author has not yet updated their plugin to a new version and it might behave unexpectedly after March 12.

TLDR: What should I do?

  1. Go into the plugins tab of your app.
  2. For any plugins marked as “needs update”, change the plugin’s currently installed version to the latest version in the “currently installed version” dropdown. If there are plugins that are marked as “deprecated”, see below for next steps.
  3. Test out your app’s functionality with your newly updated plugins to make sure everything still works as intended. You can use the app search tool to find places in your app where you use affected plugins.

If you have “deprecated” plugins, your options include:

  • Find a different plugin in the marketplace for your needs; while we can’t recommend direct replacements for every use case, you can browse newer, actively maintained plugins in our marketplace.
  • Check back later; your plugin author may be updating the plugin in the next few weeks.
  • Help us contact the plugin author directly. Plugin authors’ contact information is often listed on the plugin’s page.


  • Will updating my plugins cause unexpected changes in functionality?
    • We don’t expect the changes for this migration to affect plugin functionality, but if you are using an old version of a plugin, its maintainer may have made other updates since you first installed it, so be sure to test out your plugins once you’ve updated them.
    • As always, we recommend that you check the plugin change notes in the “plugin version dropdown” in the Plugins tab to make sure that you are aware of any changes to the plugin’s functionality with each update.
  • Why can’t Bubble just fix the plugins?
    • We are assisting plugin authors to help maintain plugin functionality, but we respect a plugin author’s intellectual property. As part of our marketplace policies, we won’t change plugin authors’ code.
  • What if the plugin I’m using is paid and deprecated? Am I going to have to pay for a broken plugin?
    • No. We’ve notified all plugin authors that their plugin subscription revenue could be paused if they break. That said, your plugin will still work from now until March 12 2024 even if it is not updated yet. If an update is not available from the plugin author in the next month or two, we recommend uninstalling the plugin/cancelling your subscription and finding alternatives in our marketplace.
  • What happens if I don’t update my plugins?
    • Depending on how you are using these plugins, your app may experience some functionality issues.
  • Will more of my plugins be deprecated in the future?
    • Unlikely. While platform updates are inevitable, we believe that only the current plugins marked as Deprecated or “Update” are at risk for this particular issue. We still encourage you to keep your plugins upgraded to the latest version whenever possible (marked as “Can Upgrade”).

If you have any further questions, contact our support team who are happy to help.


Better late than never, this is the writeup that we needed. I hope you guys pin this post.

Good Job Henry

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@henry.dowling can you confirm if the “update” and “deprecated” flags are live? I’m not seeing any such indications on the plugins in my app, but the wording of your post makes it unclear if that is because my plugins aren’t affected by these changes or if it’s simply too soon and the flags will be added at a later date.

The information in this post is very helpful but it would be more useful if you could confirm the date that these warning messages should be live.

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You guys should consider doing the same for plugins not upgraded to the responsive engine


For real!

Hey @henry.dowling just a heads up, now it’s showing “CAN UPGRADE” for official Bubble plugins with no dropdown for upgrading :sweat_smile:

And it seems the yellow warning at the top is pushing the whole page down so you can’t really see the last plugin in the list


Right – was just about to post that. How do we upgrade Bubble-built plugins?

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Amazing :joy::joy:


Does that mean that the Bubble official plugins will be deprecated? :joy: :sweat_smile:

What’s the best alternative for the API connector :rofl:


Sorry but another botched release from Bubble, we keep asking do these things get tested before being released?


Hello from your daily annoying UX nerd…

Please make sure the labels are right aligned on the list items :slight_smile:

Thank you sir, please come again!

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I personally don’t see this JK see it in another app

But the upgrading the Bubble-built plugins label is gone now :slight_smile:

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What would be really helpful now is an update to the app search function so you can search by plugin and find out what you need to test.

I’m pretty sure not eveyone remembers exactly what pages use what plugins, and which workflows use which actions - give us a generic plugin search which will highlight exactly where it’s used across pages, actions, etc. etc. then we know exactly what we need to test.

Big changes like this need big changes to support them


Can someone with plugin dev experience provide a general idea of how hard it will be for them to update their plugins based on this? What is the function AWS is removing?

I assume it will be pretty case-by-case, but would good to get a general idea of difficulty from 0 - 10 (quick fix to complete rewrite) to understand how swiftly to expect updates to rollout for plugins my apps rely on to function.


between 0.0001 and 1 :slight_smile:



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Weird, I do have a plugin that has been upgraded to API v4 a while ago, however it shows as “CAN UPGRADE”.

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Did you push it as an update?

Of course.

If there’s any kind of new version it will say “CAN UPGRADE”. If your current one installed isn’t on v4 and there is an update for v4 it says “NEEDS UPDATE”.