Updating Thing sort of works? Updates screen but not database

For performance reasons, I’m marking things that are deleted with a deleted flag so that I can remove them with a workflow later.

In theory anyway because when the workflow is run, it appears to work correctly in the debugger but the database is never updated. What am I doing wrong?

So, when the deleted icon is pressed, the following action is run.

However the database column is never updated.

The following privacy rules are in place on the table.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @treb.gatte :wave:

Just to know, in the “Thing” you are updating, you can simple use “Parent Thing Project”. There is no need to perform a search and pull the first item, ok?. It will make things quicker….

Regarding your doubt…

You have a “Only When” condition applied, did you already checked it?

Yeah I did the Parent thing Project and it only updated the RG but never the table. Very odd. I tried it again and same issue.

I’ve checked and double checked every variable to ensure I’m getting what I expect in the debugger. I wish it would show you which privacy rule is being used.

Now I’ve got a situation where it never works the first time but works sometimes on the second attempt. Why is this so hard?

Yeah… this is odd!

What Browser Controls’s Confirmation is?

Do you mind to make your editor visible so we can take a closer look?

Browser Control is from a plugin. Also, if I wait long enough after updating the code, it starts working. I wonder if it is taking Bubble a bit longer than I think to actually update the code in the background. I made a change, got coffee, and it was working when I got back. So weird.

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