Updating yes/no field status from a different/separate page

I have a “notifications page” where the admin accepts or declines a booking. If admin accepts the booking i want the “property page” to update the field type status from no to yes. How do i achieve this?

In my notification page the troubled workflow is:

things to change: parent group bookings apartments
approved = yes

In my Bookings datatype i have a field ‘Apartment - Apartment’ which then i link to the field of my ‘approved - yes/no’ apartment database, but when i press accept no change happens.

Any ideas on what i can do?

Great question! Sounds like you are already on the right track. If you run this in step-by-step mode in the debugger, does that provide any additional information about what is happening when “Accept” is clicked? It’s possible that this could show us how the thing to change is evaluating. Feel free to include screenshots here as well so we can take a closer look.

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