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Updating yes/no list

I have a yes/no field on my table and am implementing a tri-state filter on that (yes, no, ignore) and have managed to set up a constraint like:

field is in element:state_list

where the element state_list is a list of yes/no

so if the element state_list is yes,no then the constraint is effectively ignored

I have actually got this working using extra dummy states yes and no so I could add them to the list of yes/no but I just could not find a simple way to add “yes” to the state_list without this very cludgy solution.

If the state was just yes/no then bubble kindly provides these options but because it is a list (of yes/no) it doesn’t offer the yes/no option in things like :plus item

Any ideas as to what I am missing?



Options set: yes, no, ignore

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