[Upgrade to Bubble Version 28] Specify JSON content type when relevant in API Connector calls and rounding fix for the formatted as operator


Any updates on this issue? Or confirmation that it’s being addressed?

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Hi everyone, hope you all had a happy new year, and sorry for the delay!

We haven’t been able to verify instances of this issue. If you’re still experiencing any problems, please submit a bug report, so we can reproduce and fix it for you!

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@ramzizi is this working for you now? I just upgraded to v28 in dev and I’m not seeing issues with the Stripe API, so curious if it’s been fixed or if it’s intermittent.

Hey @johndurso

I upgraded today and so far not seeing any issues either

+1 on this issue.
tried updating today and it breaks api calls that were working fine previously.

Hello @jof , I had the same issue you did in version 28 or 29, while using existing api calls to Stripe.

Has this issue been resolved in your end? Or did you downgrade ? Fix the calls yourself ? Thanks.


+1 on this issue. Still have to today (version 28). I had to revert back to version 27.

I downgraded to 27, then deployed, upgraded to 29 and then deployed. Didn’t change anything and its working now :confused:

Something wierd is going on…

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I converted the api connector call to a raw body (had to rebuild it because I was also using query parameters). But that helped me fix this issue for good. Because abusing the JSON body type to send form payload was causing problems sometimes

I’m still on version 27 as I’m not running the risk on breaking my API calls at the moment.
@grace.hong please let us know if this issue has been fixed.