Upgrading Server Space

I am thinking of upgrading to a ‘Personal’ plan on my Bubble app, to enable custom domains, customized SEO, etc. I also wanted the ability to add server space in case the app exceeded the current amount. However, after looking today, it looks like you will need a Professional plan to do this. I am not in the position currently to buy the professional plan but I may need some more server space. Can anyone confirm that you need the professional plan, and can anyone provide any work-arounds?
Thank you.


The quick answer is that yes, using the Personal plan doesn’t give you the option to upgrade the capacity or storage for your application unfortunately. For storage issues over the 10GB supplied, you can use a workaround, for instance using the Amazon S3 plugin or using an API and offloading data there.
Also depending on the data being stored, if they are photos, you could for instance make sure they are compressed before uploading into your apps’ data storage.

As for the capacity workaround you have the ability to boost your apps capacity 3 times a month

The boost will last 1 hour and therefore if you have usage spikes where you are hitting max capacity, this can be very helpful.

You could roll with using the Personal plan on a monthly plan and assess where things go from there. If you then needed to, you could upgrade to the Professional plan at a later date.

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Thank you @luke2. I’ll take a look at the Amazon S3 plugin. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Please would you be able to send me a link to the Amazon S3 plugin page, as I am unable to find it with searches. Thank you.

Your welcome.

Sure, the plugin I’m referring to is this one here:

I haven’t used the plugin so can’t vouch for its performance.

You could also use a service like Box (on Bubble’s own plugin) to host files and offload server space, just an idea.

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Sorry only just seen this. Thanks again! :grinning: