Upgrading Social Media Type App

Need Help ASAP

I am trying to create an app that has a “trending” concept for one of its objects. What this is like is a blog where people come in and like posts based on category.

I have a data object as category with all the listed categories. One for posts, and one for users.
I have the post submit object which is a text box, a category drop down (dynamic), and a post button.
Here is my issue. I am trying to create a “trending” section that lists categories in a repeating group and in each cell of the repeating group it will list the person with highest post likes in that category. In the users thing I have a place for each category (too bad this isn’t dynamic). I am trying to have the system auto add 1 to a category for each like that post gets, so that it tracks how many likes in that “category”
t just on that post) that person has.

Also, how does anyone know how I might get the people with most likes in that category to show up in the repeating group? I dont know how to connect them.

If this is something you are interested in, please let me know so we can have a conversation. I want to talk about a few things.

You could have the categories as objects themselves, with a name, and a ‘likes’ (number) field. That way your workflow could dynamically increment the likes.

Re: repeating group - you could sort by the number of likes and conditionally show only those with a certain number of likes?

Quickly put together an example and including a few screenshots below:

Is this something I can pay you to help me with, this and a few other things?


If you’re looking for paid help on a short time frame, you’ll want to see if either Salar or Greg have time to fit you in, they’re both excellent… the other coaches are often booked far in advance.
https://cobubble.com/dashboard?product=sessions (salar)

Either of those will solve a ton of issues in a very short time :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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