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Upload a list of things - CSV

Hey Community,

I try to figure out on how to upload a “List of things” via a CSV sheet. I have Weekdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. For every weekday I want to create a list of things with three numbers like 20, 20, 10.

So far I have the data type “meals”, “monday” as ‘List of numbers’. How exactly do I have to configure the CSV that it uploads the 20,20,10 to my database list?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Did you try to create manually one entry, then download the CSV list and use it as a template? That worked fine for me!

@Safroman yeah that worked :slight_smile: thanks a lot.

Next question :): How do I modify a list entry?

Now I have my Monday with the entries 20 , 20 , 10

Triggered through a workflow i want to reduce the first entry by one. How does it work?

I want to basically say: Take the parents groups Meals’s Monday first item and reduce it by one. Does not work though…

is Monday a type of thing, with a field ‘value’ of type number? If so, you could do

Thing to change: Parent group’s Meals’s Monday
Thing to change: value.

In any case, we need to know the data structure to help here.