Upload and manually labelling multiple files

I’m trying to create a bulk file upload and label function in my app.

  1. The user uploads a bunch of files using the multifile uploader input
  2. The user labels each file with a specific category
  3. The user saves changes and a list of individual ‘upload’ things is created in the database. Each ‘upload’ contains one file and one category.

For step 2, I’ve created a repeating group of ‘files’ which each has a label field, however
I’m struggling with step 3 of creating a list of things based on the individual files and labels from each RG cell.

Any help much appreciated!

Set up a recursive flow and send both lists to it. Make sure that both have the same nr of items and sorted so that item in position 3 on the first will receive the value of the other list’s sorted position nr 3

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