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Upload data as CSV questions


I am using the Upload data as CSV action, but I have 2 questions:

  1. What does Separator means?
  2. How can accept only .csv files? I have seen that having a condition like When File uploader's file name contains .csv is used by many, but what happens when a user uploads a .mp3 file named 1.csv.mp3, that condition would be passed, so it is not a viable option for me.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Here’s Bubble’s example of an appropriate CSV upload: Reference | Bubble

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The delimiter.

In general, for CSV choose the comma. (c stands for comma).

I haven’t tried but is the operator :truncate from end to available? If so you could use something like when ‘file’s name :truncated from end to 4 is .csv’

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Hey, @equibodyapp,

Thanks for this, will try

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Thanks, @equibodyapp

It worked :grinning: :computer:

Awesome :smiley:


I have 2 actions on a workflow.

  1. Upload data as CSV
  2. Send email

When the file is correct (the fields are the same as the columns, etc…), the email is sent.

But when the file is incorrect, the first action (upload data as CSV) does nothing (perfect), but the email is not sent.

And 0 conditions are set in the send email action.

How can I send an email after the CSV file is processed? Regardless if the file is correct or not

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