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Upload file not stored in data

Dear all,

When I preview and upload a file by using the “upload file” button the data uploaded is not stored. Can’t really figure out what is going wrong here.

Thanks for the support.


Is not uploaded in general and also not been seen in your file manager or in the database? You are also saying where it is saved right?

For example you need a file uploader and a save button. Once the save button is clicked the uploaded file will be linked to the user.

You could also combine this in once action:

Hope that helps.

Hi Sarah,

This definitely helps, I’m beginner and indeed did not thought about the save button. Ok will create a pop-up for this.

Thanks a lot, cheers


You are welcome, if this solved your problem you can mark it as solved for others to see.

Not sure why you need a pop-up, but maybe it makes sense in your actual case.

Many greetings.


Hi Sarah,

Any glue how to delete a file?

It deletes the URL, but it does not make the Data “Company Brochure” empty. Next to the fileuploader I have a trash can, when pressed the process should delete the uploaded file though this is not happening.

Thanks once again.



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