Upload multiple pins at once, using Pinterly

I just installed Zeroqode’s Pinterly theme, but I’m struggling to figure out a way to upload multiple images to create more than one pin at a time. I added Bubble’s Multi-File uploader plug in (currently on this page https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=pin-builder&id=merakitestudionew&tab=tabs-1) but am not able to connect it properly to add new pins.

Is there something I’m missing?


Hi @maggie!

The multi file uploader has a list of things (files or images) as its value. So you are looking to “set a list” to a lists field.

Below an example of an employee things with a field of type list of images from a multifile uploader input:

Hope this helps :+1:

Hi @cmarchan, thanks for the quick reply!

Is there a way then to easily break up the list into individual entries? Not to display them, but to actually create new entries on the backend. The template I’m working with has each image it’s own item, which is then associated with a Board ID. Hoping I can upload a list and then break it apart again (maybe that’s the wrong way to approach it?)

Again, really appreciate your help!

You would have to count the number of images uploaded
Then create a recursive flow that runs that many times (and stops when it is done)
This recursive flow set it to create one new entry of a thing with a field type image so that you can deposit each image there

There is a great plugin that is better than Bubble’s native one that you could consider called Uploader by @gaurav … you can find it here (option number 15)


Hi @maggie,

Thanks for reaching out. Uploading multiple pins into a board will require a bit of work in terms o Bubble logic, because right now the template is set to create only a single Pin when you save it:

So you’ll need to modify the database structure a bit to actually create a List of Pins. It really depends on how you want to implement it, but saving multiple images at once is a good suggestion by @cmarchan with multi file uploader - thank you!

The idea is that when you upload some information about a Pin, it is per Pin, so you’ll need somehow to get information from each Pin and store it into a list.

An idea would be simply creating multiple groups of these:

And when you save each of them - it is added to the list.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

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