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Upload repeating group data to database as CSV file

I have a repeating group. “Download data as CSV” from Workflow creates a CSV file for download. Is there a similar option that creates a CSV file but uploads it to a database?

I want each user to have a history database with their exported CSVs.


if you just want to see the history of csv exports, wouldn’t it be possible to just keep track of how many times user clicked on “Download data as csv”? storing as csv in your db might take more and more space and eventually not be scalable

I get data from Airtable (car brands and country of the brand). A user should be able to choose a country (from a searchbox) and get a CSV with all the cars from that country (eg. Germany: VW, BMW, Audi etc).

I did all of this, and I can download the CSV with “Download data as CSV”. But once a user searched “Germany” (this way creating a new CSV file) they should have a database where the CSV is ready for download. A different repeating group would access this database and let the user download the file.