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Guys I have a potential client who wants to build a mentoring app. Kinda like platohq or growth mentor.

Nothing in the project scope that I can’t build with Bubble. There’s 1 aspect that I haven’t dealt with in the past. Clients will be sharing lots of Images and Videos (which I have to upload directly to the app. Youtube links won’t work this time) with Experts.

  • What are the best tools to use for uploading videos?
  • Are there any tools allowing me to compress the Image/Video file size?
  • Would you recommend using any type of APIs for this Task?
  • What would be a recommendation on App structure to make sure Performance is not affected? (or impact is minimized)

Basically the challenge is: How might I, allow users share photos and videos without leaving the app. And doing this the most optimized way possible.

When it comes to video, of course it depends entirely on your needs and requirements - the amount of anticipated video uploads, and how often they’ll be being viewed, will determine what your best and cheapest options will be.

But for sure (unless you’re dealing with very low numbers of videos) you’re going to need an external storage provider as a bare minimum, and more than likely a transcoding and delivery service for transcoding and delivering video content to ensure compatibility and deliverability across all devices and operating systems.

There are loads of options for both - Amazon AWS provides all everything you need, but can be complex to integrate and expensive with high volume (especially for transcoding, depending on your requirements).

Alternatively, dedicated video services like Ziggeo, Vimeo, Wistia, and others can provide more cost-effective options which can be simpler to integrate within Bubble (either with APIs or Bubble plugins).

Personally, for my video based apps I use Vimeo for all video hosting, alongside AWS for uploading and backup - using Zeroqode’s AWS File Uploader Plugin, directly with Vimeo’s API.

There are numerous posts in this forum on this topic, but ultimately it will come down to your individual needs and requirement for your app, so it’s worth spending some time researching the various options.



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Thanks for the link! Have you used this before?

Yeap. Very good platform