Uploaded File Box (don't change text)

My app allows users to upload a file using the File Uploader. Is there a way to turn off the setting that automatically changes the name of the file uploader to the name of the file itself (either by changing the text to a new name, or having it continue to just say upload regardless if a file has been placed there?)

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I am also very interested in this. And besides that is it possible to change the format or decode the shown filename in order to prevent spaces to become %20% etc? Can you help with this @emmanuel?

Me too! @emmanuel

the standard native upload exposes states… “While uploading” “values changed” just set a condition to do or show or hide or whatever you want. various methods to manipulate file names etc such as regex and then save that.

I think you mentioned BOX storage if so… Then you possibly want to extract the box ID from the returned URL which in turn you can then use in conjunction with the API connector to perform/make further API calls if you have the box API set up… Delete, GET information… blah blah
use Regex to extract the BOX ID from the returned URL something like ([^/]+)(?=/[^/]+/?$)

for example if you wanted to copy and uploaded file which was stored in box

use a POST api.box.com/2.0/files/file_id you extracted here/copy

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