Uploaded images in the DB disappeared

Hello everyone.
I have a problem. I get an image generated by another service via a plugin and save it to the database along with other characteristics (description, size, etc.).
After 2-6 hours, the image disappears from the database. Only the characteristics remain.
The database is almost empty - 10-15 records. There are no processes for deleting images in the application. It’s like it’s self-destructing))
Please tell me, what could be the problem?

if you update image correct it appear.
more details about workflow to know where is the problem .

Can you see your images in File manager tab of Data section?

  1. Creating a request for image generation through the plugin (sending prompt, width, height, etc.).
  2. Creating a new database entry and put there ID and “prompt” of my request.
  3. Go to another page and send there “Result of step 3” (the new entry).
  4. Getting generated data from a third-party service to the second page.
  5. Adding the generated image to the database.
    And after 2-6 hours the image disappears from database))

No. The image is added using the process as I described it above to Amer

may a plugin take a time to generate image you can make separeate workflow when the plugin end or generate image and modifiy the database . try this !

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the plugin may have a bug or compatibility issue that is causing the image to be deleted or removed from the database or may be configured to only save the image temporarily or for a limited time period, which could cause the image to disappear from the database after a certain amount of time.
To troubleshoot these issues, you may want to try disabling the plugin temporarily and see if the issue persists.

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add another step “make change to the thing”
like this:

image: Result of step 2’s image: saved in S3

Sorry for the late response. One circumstance unsettled me.
Thanks for the advice!
Eugene_West helped me with the right decision

Sorry for the late response. One circumstance unsettled me.
Thanks for the advice!
@Eugene_West helped me with the right decision

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hello please i’m facing something similar, please what changes to the thing are we making can you send with a screenshot.

Hi! Here :wink: