Uploading a picture

Hi everyone, when I upload a picture to be a background of my landing page, it is putting a white background in the image space around the object I am trying to upload. the picture does not have a background is just a rocket I created in Adobe Illustrator. How can I upload the image so just the object appears with no background color? thanks ben

Hey @bentomsouthgate, can you send a screenshot of your issue via the editor?

Hi johnny, cheers for the reply.

Yes so as you can see in the screenshot attached, I have uploaded a picture of a rocket to my Bubble app. In Adobe Illustrator this image does not have a white background (as seen in this pic). The white background in this pic is subsequently blocking out things behind it.

I have additionally uploaded a screenshot of the same picture uploaded in powerpoint. In this picture you can see there is no white background to the picture and only the spaceship.

How can I upload this image so only the rocket shows not the white background?

Note: I have checked the style settings of the picture and no background colour has been setScreenshot 2020-08-28 at 19.45.24

Many thanks

What file format is the image you uploaded - i.e. what did you export it from AI as?

There’s this known issue (which I assume is still an issue), but if you’re certain that what you uploaded does have transparency (is either a PNG with alpha channel or a proper SVG), then the transparency should be preserved.

EDIT: You can check whether the “master” image in your Bubble storage has transparency by going to DataFile ManagerSearch and then clicking the “view” link for that image to see the original file you uploaded. Images appearing in Bubble pages are automatically resampled / optimized, and that’s generally a very good thing. However, it means that what you see on a page is usually not the actual file you uploaded but rather an auto-optimized derivative.

Okay, thanks Steve. The file was formatted as a .pdf and .ai so i will try this!