Uploading data and assigning it to a user

Hi there

I am building an order management tool for surfboard shapers. It’s a SaaS product, so is being used by many different shapers around the world (and each shaper is a different User).

The app has a number of databases (or Things in Bubble language), one of which is Customers. The Customers table contains information about each shapers customers, like their address, phone number, etc.

One of the shapers has asked me to upload their Customer data for them and given it to me in a CSV.

When I went to upload it, I ran into a problem. There is no way to assign this set of Customers to the shaper (who is a User in my database).

I expected to be able to map the Customers to the User by having the Users email address in my spreadsheet, and then mapping it to the Created By field in the Customers table, but that isn’t an option.

Is there another way to bulk upload data, and assign it to a specific User in my database?

Did you ever find a solution for this?