Uploading Multiple Images at Once on the Font End


I’m making a website for selling cars. As you know, websites like this have multiple images, anywhere from 30 - 40 for a good listing.

I don’t want to make 40 individual file uploads for the “upload a car” page, and that’s also irritating for the user, to upload 40 images separately. is there a way a user can drag and drop all there images in one place, and then they are all displayed separately on the front end when someone views that listing?


Check plugins. There’s a lot of multifile uploader available.

There is a plugin called "multi file uploader"that allows you select multiple images at once …

For UX , you can have a repeating group with an image content and data source that references this mutifileuploader value, so you can see in real time,

Since you are dealing with uploading images , you can amplify the UX , by using either Hero icon spinner or progress bar to show when the images are loading …

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thank you!