Uploading PDFs + Python workflow

Hi there!

First off, I am super new to this and currently going through the AirDev bootcamp so apologies if some of the things I am asking are basic.

I have a project that I want to make where I want to perform the following actions:

  • User uploads PDF
  • PDF is then converted to text via a python script (if there is a better way to do this, let me know)
  • The converted text is held temporarily (either on Bubble or somewhere else that this sort of data can be held)
  • Depending on what buttons the user clicks next, the temporarily held text data will be sent to be manipulated by an API call
  • Once all of that processing has been complete, newly generated text is to be converted back into a pdf and automatically downloaded on to the users computer

If anyone is able to point me into the right direction that would be amazing!