Uploading prototypes from Adobe xD

Hi! I’ve been working with Adobe xD to prototype my mobile application and just discovered bubble.is. I’d like to use it myself to build the app, but I don’t see the option to upload a prototype. I really don’t want to start over on the placement of everything and design. Is there anyway I can import my design from Adobe xD?

Elizabeth A

Short answer, No.
Unfortunately you can’t import your designs.
You will have to use the bubble editor to create the UI again.
At least you already have the designs so that will quicken the process.

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Aww okay thanks!

I can’t seem to find the fonts I used in Adobe XD. Any chance we can use the same ones from XD?

You can use your own custom fonts, so if you have the font file for the font used in XD, you can add it to your Bubble project. More details here: https://manual.bubble.is/building-a-user-interface/custom-fonts.html

Awesome, thank you!