URGENT HELP! needed with building token system!

Need help setting up a token system where each message to a new customer costs 1 token which is reduced from the users balance. If anyone could give me any idea how to do this, currently have a bit of trouble with what to put in the workflows. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

Hi there, @fosterjulian475… from what you have described, this one should be pretty simple. You could have a field on the User data type to store a user’s token balance. Then, in the workflow that enables a user to send a message to a new customer, you would have a step that makes changes to the current user, and the change would be to subtract 1 from the user’s token balance.

You probably also want to do a check at the beginning of the message workflow to make sure the user has a positive token balance, and if they don’t, maybe they get an alert that directs them to get more tokens.

Anyway, based on the limited information you provided, that’s how I think you could go about it. Hope this helps.


ok perfect thank you!

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