URGENT - Issue with API Workflows - Updating Database Correctly, but sending wrong response with Status Code 400: Bad Request

My API end point has suddenly started returning Status Code: 400 - Bad Request ! It seemed to be working absolutely fine a few hours back, but now it is sending this weird response. The endpoint that returns some data after activating a software license. The logic is programmed as follows: if the license_key has not been activated yet, the update the record to “activated” and send a specific (calculated) response. If i send a license key that has already been activated, then i get Response Status 200 with an empty response. If i send a new license key that exists in my database but hasn’t yet been activated, it UPDATES THE RECORD, but then returns Status Code 400: Bad request, and not the response i am expecting ! I am clueless about what to do. I have tested this in Postman as well as through my software. What do i do ???

And now it is again randomly returning the expected response - nothing has changed on the request side. Why is this behavior so unpredictable? I’m now afraid to deploy this into production. I was just about to go live. Am i missing something here ?

There was a Bubble outage last night. I suggest subscribing to the updates at status.bubble.is to get a sense of when the system is experiencing issues.

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