Urgent. My site cannot connect to my server

I created this site months ago and set up my domain. Was working fine. This morning it says "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when me or my employees try to connect

Yes I’ve got same issue, all of bubble seems up on their status page but my site won’t load. I sent @eve a support email.

I’ve got this also.

Urgently needed to access the site please.

Folks, please do email us if you’re seeing this sort of issue! At the very least, we need your domains to investigate this.

already sent an email. Please respond soon. Urgent :frowning:

Lets try to find what we have in common. My site was working fine all year. Went down this morning. My nameservers point to freedns1.registrar-servers.com, etc.

Don’t think that it’s isolated to one DNS provider, I’m on namecheap and am having the same issue now.

We’ve been able to confirm this issue; our team is investigating this now.

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This is also the first time my site went down. But it doesn’t redirect to anything.

PS. I’m using Godaddy domain but also using Namecheap DNS for the setup.

Hey folks, we’re not seeing DNS records across a bunch of apps that are reporting this issue. It’s unlikely to be Bubble-related (though we’re definitely looking into it) – in the meantime, if you’re sending in an email, please include some screenshots from your registrar so that we can confirm that the records exist.

Bubble engineer here:

I’m seeing missing bare domain records across multiple registrars and on multiple endpoints on the DNS system. downforeveryoneorjustme.com shows at least one of these sites up, but it’s not up for me, and some cursory checks of whatsmydns.net show that there are DNS entries that are simply absent from the DNS system

This is a weird outage, but none of the symptoms point to anything bubble can control. Please log in to your nameserver/registrar and verify your DNS records ALL exist, and if you’re feeling generous send me screenshots (before/after)

Several of my apps that have been running for more than a year are also unreachable. Same “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” as mentioned in the first message of this thread.

@eve discovered that something with how our legacy ALIAS records changed; point your @ to one or both of the bubble A records:

A Record     @
A Record     @

this may require deleting the ALIAS record and creating new A records in its place


Okay fixed the issue with the help of @eve.

Here’s what I did. I just changed my DNS settings. I’m still using the legacy plan from bubble. I changed my records pointing to “app.bubble.io” to the “ip” provided in the Domain tab of the app editor. Hope that helps someone looking for answer.

@peterj Question though. Godaddy is my domain provider. Now I used Namecheap Free DNS before to get ALIAS Record. Now that A Record is the one used in bubble, can I just use Godaddy now for my DNS and erase everything I have in Namecheap?


Hey @dillon.blakes – I want to assure you that this is not something that we changed on our end! We’re investigating to see why this happened, but priority is obviously to get everyone back online ASAP; updating the records will get you back up and running.

Happened to me too, updating the DNS records fixed it about 10 minutes later, phew.

I signed up to downnotifier.com email/text alerts for my site. If this happens again hopefully I can fix it before customers notice.

@eve, it was DEFINITELY something that changed your end…
Bubble switched from the legacy A/ALIAS records pointing to app.bubble.io to the new A records pointing to the IP, without notifying users who are on the legacy plans about those changes.
This has resulted to ALL my websites hosted on the legacy plans to go down for an extended time.
We would GREATLY appreciate a proper heads-up about those kinds of changes in the future.

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I can’t get this to work on namecheap, I have pointed 2 A records @ the ip addresses and now the a records with ip addresses have disappeared from bubble’s email/domain section. I barely managed this the first time :frowning:

@akhella – more specifically, this was definitely not an intentional change, and our team is investigating the underlying cause for this issue to make sure that we don’t run into it again. We would certainly not deprecate legacy configurations without first notifying our users!

Great thanks for this I got it to work:

Changed from:

To this:

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