URGENT: Page Was Deleted (SOLVED)

One of the pages of my app is missing/was deleted, and I need it back ASAP!!!

My app is getleadtime, the page was “index_new” and after making some changes I clicked preview and received a “We’re sorry, the page you’re trying to load cannot be found.” on the page:

I went back to bubble.io and saw the editor, but then refreshed the page thinking it needed a refresh and the page no longer exists in my app:

Here’s a screen shot of the page literally a minute before it was gone:

Please help! I’ve spent hours creating this page and need it back right away. Thanks.

I know it is obvious but one of those changes wasn’t changing the page name, was it? That will change the url location of the page and give you that same message.

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Oh wow…I had inadvertently changed the name of the page when trying to change the name of an element. THANKS!

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