Urgent - seeking freelancer for session this weekend - Found

I have been working on an application and it is based around a weekly view of a matrix of task. The main page is functional but I still need average summary calculation, being able to view the matrix of team members (data is there but need a clickable link to view specifically your team members only), and a graph view/dashboard of task counts (this seems simple but I am not working well with graphs here). I believe this to be a few hours max and I would like to skype to explain and Skype to watch the changes and learn. For now this is all that is needed but possibly a long term freelance relationship exist here as I may need changers/help in future. Quotes or Skype handle for discuss is helpful. Rated or well known experts here are encouraged. Need prior to Monday.

Hi Beth,
I would be happy to assist you.
Please drop me an email on anna.cis23@gmail.com to discuss further.
You can also reach me on skype:cis.am2.
Best Regards,

Hello Sir,

I am very happy to assist you.
Kindly send me the requirement documentation on my mail address or Skype that is "joomdev1309@gmail.com".