Urgent: Small fixes to app before launch

Hi All,

I’m looking for someone who can help with a few fixes for my site before it’s ready for launch.

  • Fix archive page so it correctly displays a scrolling list instead of overlapping (uses repeating group). Fix layout of page so looks good on mobile.
  • Fix 5 pages so they look good on mobile. I guess 3-4 elements need adjusting to display correctly.
  • Implement workflow to reset user ‘credits’ each month, on the 1st, based on the users ‘role’ (if free = 5 if paid = 500).




Hello, i am Nasir Nawaz, Certified nocode developer by airdev and millionLab, i can help you with this and i wont ask for money, only a testimonial on my profile. And latter Only if you wish you can give me a compensation i wont ask.

Kindly book a meeting: Calendly - Nasir Nawaz

And also you can see my Profile and LinkedIn address via this Link Nasir Nawaz - HeyWith

Hello Ashley,

Take a look at my portfolio. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch and we can discuss about you needs.