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Url condition for index

I have several pages and I created a reusable element “menu tabs” with these pages. The condition “This url contains ‘blog’”, then the color of the bolg tab changes. How to write a condition for tab index. This is what I currently have written.
It works, but can the condition be shortened or simplified somehow?

@chelovekius maybe you can try to make it when contains specific text instead of multiple doesn’t contain.

This one is use less but if you do arbitrary text you can fit multiple arbitrary text with 1 condition in each. The main will be shorter …

You could also use the page name value and compare it to known values.
If there’s a lot of such checks to be done, I’d probably set up an Option Set and use that

Hey, @chelovekius,

You can do:
When This url is Website home URL :slight_smile: :computer:

@hacker, @Clasicwebtools the problem is that the index page does not contain any text and if I write the page itself as text (example: “”) then on any page index tab will change color
@hacker I tried this from the very beginning but for some reason it doesn’t work

I decided to try writing for the “index” tab When This url doesn't contain Website home URL and it worked! Being on the “blog” page, the “blog” tab changes color, while the “index” tab does not, and vice versa. Why does it work like this? It doesn’t make any sense!