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URL for Native Mobile App Type

I’m trying to create a share URL for each “Show” page on a native mobile app. But since there is only one page and multiple groups, I cannot figure out how to create a unique URL for each show. What would be the easiest way to create each url, given that each show has its own “Show ID”.

Append the id of the “thing” you want to share to the sharing URL.

Then pull that pack in as a page parameter.

So here the URL contains the unique id of the sharing user.

Is it something you want to send by email? Keep in mind a native app can’t open other URLs, so what you’re trying to do might not work.

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So if my data type is “show” and each show has an “ID” what would my URL look like to display each show based on the ID? I’m having an issue with the data source and trying to say the data source is “search for shows where the show id is in the current URL”

We’ll look at this when we’ll work on mobile and get out of beta. Right now it’s a bit early for us.