URL for Type of Content not working

I’m trying to setup a “template page” using the “type of content.”

The type is called “Tables”. I haven’t figured out how to get the dynamic data to show but before I get that working there are parts I was expecting to throw 404 errors that don’t and just sends me to the template.

For some reason I can type mydomain.com/tables/ and it takes me to the page. I can even type mydomain.com/tables/(anything random!) and it goes to the page. Shouldn’t it throw 404 errors if I don’t specifically write a “thing” after that the " / " followings Tables?

To be clear, I have added a slug. I also tried the unique ID too.

You won’t see error 404 because the page exist. But the page will not load data from any item because the item you have entered doesn’t exist. You may need to have a WF on page load to check if Current page thing’s Unique ID is empty and redirect them to the 404 page or show something that will say item doesn’t exist.

OK thank you Jiji. I’m terribly new to this and don’t know what you mean by WF on page load. Can you explain?

After posted this I kept trying to get to the page to show the information when I typed in the correct URL and I can’t seem to get it to work. See photo below. Is that not what I need to get it to show the information when you type in the slug?

Oh geez, I just realize that the live database is completely blank. That’s why. Shows how new I am.

That was my issue. I didn’t have anything in the DB. typed in the slug on the live version after adding something in and it worked.

Still don’t know what a WF is so I’ll still take help on this please - thanks!!

haha the longer I wait the more I find. Figured out that WF meant work flow and found the page load thing. Thanks!!


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