URL link after 3Ds verification


I’m creating a payment system with Mangopay API and 3DS is used to authorize some payment.
So in the API i need to insert a URL back to my application.
What is the URL i should use to redirect the user to my app?
Have you ever met this problem can someone from bubble answer me please?

Thanks in advance

Reading their docs, it looks like it’s where you would like to send the user. So which URL this is depends on what experience you would like to create for the user.

You will need to somehow identify which user and which transaction this is so that you can update your system to confirm the transaction.

Where is this document please?

First link: mangopay 3ds at DuckDuckGo


Will the url work if i put my app on Apple and Google store?
ANd what about the user does he has to login again?

Thanks for the link