URL parameters to directly affect users account

Hi, can bubble create a url parameter that when launched from say, an email, would go to my app but would also register in my account, even if I wasn’t logged in? I understand the parameter concept I think, but not sure how to address the registry of the action into an account that is not logged in. I’m probably overlooking something obvious :wink:


So here I just made an example - user is not logged in.

Link to editor:

Link, say, from an email:

Changing p1 and p2 values alters what gets added to the table.

Not sure if that’s what you were looking for?

Hi elladarrow, yep I think it is - and thank you so much for helping me out ! The other side to this, though, let’s say I want to store the word “eazy” (not peazy - that would be silly :)) in my “logged in” ) account, for whatever reason, - so anyone who clicks that link, who has an account, wants to save that word to their account - (aha!) would this be handled by a workflow on the page that says -"this page has loaded - sign user in (how?) - and add the word “eazy” to their profile page? Or is that instruction in the parameter? God, does that make ANY sense? Sorry, my explanation is crap.

Basically what I’m looking to do:

*user clicks on link has a value on it, a code
*link takes user to site/spp
*logs user in (if already logged in goes to preofile page) or user has to login
*user lands on profile page and the code is added to their list along with its value!

It’s the whole "is user logged in (yes no) go here and add this " - that’s got me stumped. But what you have sent has helped me understand the initial part of my problem. Thank you so much.


Couple things. I am not God. Your explanation is not crap.

I made some changes - I think this is what you are after.

Basically, when the page is loaded throw a log in pop up if the user is not logged in. If they are logged in it won’t throw.

Then grab the URL params and do the insert.

Check it out.
User = [email protected]
pwd = test

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One more thing - if this is not what you’re after, then yes, yes, your explanation is crap. :slight_smile:

You are a god and my explanations are but dirt beneath your feet! I shall look at this first thing in the bible, I mean morning!

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YES, sing hossanahs and praise the babber jeebus! That sir/madam (for I do not judge you life decisions) is exactly it!

Hold on now I’m angry. So the workflow below:

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