URL Segment Variables

I like to propose a feature, that I know from ExpressionEngine, a CMS I worked allot with a couple of years ago, they have an option to read the url via url-segments.

ExpressionEngine provides an easy way for you to access the information in your URL segments. By “segments”, we mean the segments of the URL that appear after your index.php page. For example, this URL has two segments:


products is Segment 1 and shirts is Segment 2.

Read more:
URL Segment Variables — ExpressionEngine 7 Documentation

I would like to see this option at the get data form page URL dropdown. Next, to Parameter and Path, I would like to see the option ‘Segments’, followed by a dropdown where you can choose for segment 1 to 10 and ‘Last Segment’.

I wonder if @Bubble can implement this idea as quickly (3 days) as my previous idea. :wink:


Does anyone know a way of adding path segments without refreshing the page. Sudsy can do it but it isn’t recognised in bubble when using the “Get url parameter”