URL Structure for Migration from landing page editor to BUBBLE

Hello There!

I’m new in bubble! The thing is I have a site, and I would like to migrate the whole landing page system. It’s an insurance agency. So now the structure is like this

www.insuranceagency.com Is the institutional site
getquote.insuranceagency.com Is where I deployed the landing page editor so i have landing pages like

Why I’m telling this? because there are backlinks aimed to this landing pages. And i don’t want loose them (so first question, can i set redirects with bubble?)

No, I have read that with BUBBLE I can connecto to insurance carriers, to get quotes. So, i want to migrate to my actual landing page provider, to bubble in order to create online quoters.

Second question, can I deploy BUBBLE and manage domain name structure in order to have like the actual domains?

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