URL witch-craft

I am not a web-dev, and have no idea about what I am talking about but here’s the deal.
Reference Picture 1

Reference Picture 2

In picture 1 we see that the url is different and in picture 2 the url changes again when i choose a different tab. It’s just not these tab but anything I click (whether it be an icon or my profile picture) changes the url.

This is in fact a very common behavior among web-apps.
What benefit does this behavior provide?

My understanding is that url’s are linked with web pages (I am not a web-dev, I maybe wrong).
My question is, when I click on, for instance the Websites tab in picture 1 or the Keyword Alert tab in picture 2, does it load another page (specific to that tab) on the existing page? What is happening here? And how do I achieve this in my bubble app?

I am not a web-dev, so please explain it to me in simple words and suggest good-practices, improvements and fast/efficient methods.



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