@boston85719 Finished user testing and nearly ready to go live. I get this when the link is clicked: url7642.godibble.com with ‘This site cannot be reached’, when using the ‘reset password’ link Bubble automatically provided.

Have you come across this before?

I think I remember this being standard for when the domain isn’t live so wanted to ask.

I have not…is that link a custom domain that you own? There may be an issue with the domain settings in your app if it is.

Thanks for the swift reply. The link is the one automatically generated for the password reset email that Bubble creates. I’ll reach out to them and see why this could be happening.

That is strange…the password reset link should have the user directed to the page reset_pw…and it is built into every bubble app and can not be deleted…please report back what support says.

Sure. So it was to do with the SendGrid settings that blocked the link working via the API. All works fine after following the quick step below.

Exact issue and how to resolve here:
SendGrid link tracking. Disabling this functionally in SendGrid should solve this. Here’s a screenshot below, with that function outlined in the red box.

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