Urlencode in bubble.io

Is there a tool in bubble that will allow using urlencode to open an external php link?

I mean a specific plugin or a function already existing in the tool.

I will be grateful for the answer’s and thank you for your time.

You might be able to use the toolbox plugin and use the action Run javascript
Then use the built inencodeURIComponent function in the browser, read more here → encodeURIComponent() - JavaScript | MDN

Ok thank you for your help.
I still need help with configuring bubble.io . I mean the next basic steps I need to do so that when a user enters a youtube link they receive it as text or open in a new tab in their browser.

From the link

preferably after pressing the button there must be a feedback in the form of a popup window with a new


I would ask for very detailed answers if possible. I am a novice bubble user and would like to close the topic as soon as possible. Greetings