Use a data picker that will allow to enter data for that particular date

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I have been able to create one single auto-binding attendence check for a list of team players, which are part of a repeating group list of players. What I am trying to solve is how to take this attendence for any date picked by the coach. So that he can take attendence for any particular day and have it saved in his database. I assume would mean using a date picker, then when the date is picked the list of players on the team appears for that date. The coach can then take the attendence for that date. A link to my my simple autobinding attendance taker is below. It is just for one sinble day. I dont know how to use a date picker that will link with an attendance taking for each date. I am not sure if this can be captured from one really large table that records a list of players for each date of if I would need to create the tables/data dynamically.
Any help with demo examples that you may have is really appreciated.

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you need your database structure set up correctly.

Need a data type of attendance record with data field of data, as well as fields for names of players and other info necessary

Then you can search for the attendance record for that specific date and team.

Then you should be able to use the auto-binding if you set it up correctly to change the data for that particular attendance record data type.

Ok thanks, I appreciate the help. I’m starting to understand the take structure part diverter but I’m not sure how to implement the date picker part so that it’s the first thing someone does before the take attendance for that date

I don’t know what this is referring to…

As I instructed, I believe the issue is your data structure is not set up properly to make use of the date picker yet.

You will need to create an attendance record on the selection of the date they choose…so in workflows you will when a user selects the date “create a new thing” the thing being an attendance record.

On that new attendance record you can then use the data pickers date as a value for your data field of date on the attendance record.

You will also need to relate the teams players to the attendance record as a list of players, so when that new attendance record is created and displayed on page the coach can then use a check box to select players in attendance.

OK, thanks. Do I “create a new thing” every time someone selects a new date? Or could I have a new thing created already and when the date is picked by the attendence taker, the date picked data is then sent to the attendence record? Or do I need to “create a new thing” every time a date is selected?

Up to you because theoretically, yes, both are possible.

What should you do though?

I’d create the thing when a user selects a button “take attendance” and if the attendance is being taken on the day they are using the app, then I’d when creating the new thing, set the date for them automatically using “current date/time” as the value.

But I don’t know what user experience you want you users to have…that would be something for you to figure out how you want the user to interact with the app and therefore what the app should do when and how.

OK thanks.

I have created the following table.

I also have a Users (Players) table

The data from the attendence taking page itself autobinds the data for each player.

I would like the person using the app to have the thing created when they select a date. Creating the thing…does that mean creating an entry within the table?

I am having trouble with the workflows really. I think if I can get a handle on the workflow required here I should be able to understand how workflows work in general. I am trying to get the list of players present, absent, late, etc to record for whatever date is selected in the date picker. The players are definded as Users in a Users table but I guess the attendence will record a list of players for each status …be it late, present, absent and so on.

Not sure how I get those different player lists (depending on status) to save to the attendence table for each date picked. The workflow is where I am having difficultly. Thanks for all your help. You will see where I am at within the link I have provided for the editor. Gerry

Creating the thing means making a new entry in the database.

So if you have a data type of attendance record, and you create a new attendance record you will create a new attendance record in the database.

Thing about it like this…if you have one attendance record for the first day of practice in the database already and on the second day of practice the coach "creates a new thing ( attendance record ) " then you will have two attendance records in your database.

If you have not I would definitely first watch all of these videos

Then I would if not able to figure out certain things check out this youtube page

And if still not able to figure this out, I’d consider signing up for a paid lesson…there are a couple of companies that provide tutorials ranging from 1 to 16 hours on how to build a complete app.

When I first got started I paid around $50 for one tutorial that was 16 hours on how to build an airbnb clone. Watching the video and building along with it gave me the ability to most things with bubble. Then over time practicing and attempting more complicated things, if the free resources I linked to couldn’t explain to me what I was attempting to do, I started reaching out to the community.

The community has been very helpful to me, not just with people answering specific questions of mine occasionally, but also the plethora of threads available for me to read through. I’ve read hundreds of posts, sometimes re-reading the same ones to try and follow along.

If you are serious about creating an app, I would highly recommend spending a bit of time trying to learn bubble before jumping right in, as jumping right in could cause a lot more frustration than necessary.

I also found resources out of the bubble bubble and learned about UI design principles, database design, UX design and other necessary parts of an application. The knowledge from those sources helped me with bubble a tremendous amount.

OK, I do apprecaite the advice, thanks. I have watched some videos including some of the recommended ones. I do think I am starting to get a grasp of what is required here. I was hoping you would say that creating a new thing is creating a new entry in the database…which you did confirm so thanks for that! It is just the final linking here in the workflow that I am stuck at right now. If I get how that operates I think I will be in a good place with regards to figuring out more difficult data workflows.

Here are some examples of what I have tried for getting the data on that particular days attendence to save to the attendence table. I have managed to save some data in the DB for the attendence on a particular date but I am trying to accurately save the correct data…as in who was absent, who was present etc.

In the screenshot below I think I am close but need a little help to get over the line with what each of the entries I have highlighted:

For these lists of players ( ie: players absent, players late etc. ) you would want to create a custom state on the page.

The custom state for each list is a list of players

Then when you have the make changes to the attendance record, you have the value equal to the custom states list of players. You will “add list” instead of “add”

OK, thanks for that. I have enough info now to give it a good shot! Cheers.