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Use an Icon to change the qty of items in cart

Hello, I have a cart and want to use a “+” icon so that when a user presses it, it increases the cart by 1. I thought it’d work by having the workflow ‘when element icon plus is clicked, change the value of an input element’ - but it doesn’t appear I can use one element to change another element. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Make a WF when click + : item = “current number + 1”. See the city voting lesson in tutorials


I was hoping there was a way without creating a database item - have + / - to add qty to cart, then the qty once purchased was added to the user’s “coins”. I actually ended up going down a different route using a dropdown.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Pop the input in a group. Set the group’s value to number = 1. Set the input to default to the group’s value.

Button increments the groups value.

The only tricky bit is what happens if they overwrite the number in the input box. So use the “data has changed” action, update the group’s value with the value in the input … and then make sure you reset inputs.