Use API connector with SDK

Hey so I am trying to use the API connector but the stuff I need connected to requires an SDK. Is it possible to add an SDK to bubble?
Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 22.19.30
note: i know there is a plugin for alchemy already for bubble but am having issues with it so i want to try to connect directly myself.

The plugin editor isn’t helping you?

You don’t use SDK in API connector (you can in plugin, but there’s all documentation needed to do it using API Connector. Just don’t use SDK)
Also, there’s a lot of plugins for Web3 that already exist that may also help you to do what you need

so if i were to want to use getNftsForOwner like i showed in my screenshot, would i continue to use the API connector as I normally do and not do anything with the SDK?

Get request to

with header
Accept: application/json