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Use Bubble app as backend for messenger bot

I was trying to set up a new app that will provide data to a Facebook messenger bot. But I’m already stuck on the initial setup…

Facebook asks to configure webhooks. But setting a callback url and verify token are not working. Anyone has experience in this and who could help me on the right track?

Same problem here.
Bubble allow only incoming POST requests to activate remote workflow endpoints.
Facebook/messenger validation is an incoming GET call.

Bubble allows incoming GET calls only to query bubble data objects. But the structure of response is not compatible with facebook.

See here: Webhook Setup - Messenger Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

I’m stuck on this point :frowning: Can anyone help?

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Hey all - just wanted to announce that we’ve recently released a new experimental feature that allows you to trigger API workflows with GET requests! Please feel free to test it out; looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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